China factory workers hold American boss hostage

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hostageBEIJING, CHINA – Things can get a little out of control at the office, but for one guy life at work is revolting. Literally revolting.

He’s Chip Starnes, co-owner of Specialty Medical Supplies, a Florida business with a facility in China, just outside Beijing.

The employees there make an assortment of disposable medical products. And now, it seems, they are also making trouble for Starnes.

“I tried to leave a day and half ago and there were like sixty or seventy of them here and every entrance and exit it barricaded so I can’t go anywhere,” he said.

That’s right. His employees are holding him hostage until they get two-month back pay and a better severance deal because Starnes is thinking about moving some of the business to India.

Their demands come to about half-a-million dollars.

Starnes claims that would bankrupt the company.

So, until they can work this out, Starnes is going nowhere fast.

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