Colonel Sanders’ white suit sold for $21k

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DALLAS, TX – Colonel Sanders’ trademark couture hit the auction block in Dallas. His legendary white suit raked in a whopping $21,510. What the cluck?! For that much, we hope it came with the secret recipe!

Actually, the new owner, Masao Watanabe, may already be in on that secret. He’s the president and chief executive of Kentucky Fried Chicken Japan.

Along with the suit, the $21,000 bought Masao an autographed portrait of Sanders.

Clearly when it comes to KFC, Masao isn’t cheap. For an extra $19,000, Masao also bought a mini-collection of sanders’ memorabilia, including his 1973 Kentucky driver’s license.

After he won, Masao tried on his new threads right then and there. Hey, who are we to judge? Maybe it was on his “bucket” list?

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