Facial Characteristics Men Look For When Searching for Wife

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Do you have wife material written all over your face? A new study from the University of Stirling and Benedict Jones from the University of Glasgow, says that when men are looking for a quick and easy fling, they look for women with particularly “feminine” features like a small jaw and a full face.

Feminine features are associated with a higher level of the female hormone estrogen, which is also linked with reproductive success.

The researchers came to this conclusion after they asked several hundred straight men to rate composites of women’s faces in terms of long-term or short-term relationships.  There were two versions of each face — one with slightly more feminine and the other more masculine features.

Not only did the men rate the feminine ones higher for a fling, but men with already in steady relationships were even more likely to do so.

But in “making long-term choices, men ‘may actually prefer less attractive/feminine women,’” they added.

Previous research has found that attractive women are likelier to be unfaithful, particularly if their partner is ugly.

“If his partner cheats on him, a man risks raising a child which is not his own,” explained the authors.

Let me get this right, if you want to be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife.

Is this supposed to make single girls feel better? Bless your little heart; you’re just too pretty to be a wife. Maybe we should start dating blind men. I think this is ridiculous. Don’t judge a book by its cover or a woman by her mug.

And that’s today’s helping of The Online Dish with Maggie.

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