Chinese factory workers release US boss held hostage

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chipBEIJING, CHINA – Remember last year when janitors in Houston went on strike to get better pay?

Despite some inconvenience, it was all pretty civil. But that’s not the way it was for an American in China, Chip Starnes.

Employees at his Specialty Medical Supplies factory took him hostage, wouldn’t let him leave the facility for six days.

He had to sleep in his office, but he couldn’t sleep because they kept banging on the doors and windows.

They wanted two-month back pay, and a severance package like their American counter parts. That’s because they know he plans to outsource some of their jobs to India.

It seems their rather unconventional negotiating tactics worked. Starnes is a free man after 97 employees signed a new contract.

He didn’t reveal the terms, but given the choices, it’s a good bet some came from column ‘A’ and some from column ‘B’.

Now we got to figure out who got stuck with the check.