Has the south risen again without racism?

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So, what would you like to serve Paula Deen?

She admits to using the “n-word” and now her food empire is toast.

I have to admit, I wasn’t surprised when I heard about how she likes to add racism to her biscuits, because we both have something in common: Deen was born and raised in Albany, Georgia and that’s where I got my first job in TV.

I spent 17 months in Albany as a TV reporter, unfortunately I heard the “n-word” a lot more than 17 times during my time there.

A lot of people in Georgia said some pretty ugly things way back when.

So it’s safe to assume Deen is not the first person from there to apologize for saying some racist things.

Is she racist, or just ignorant?

Ignorant enough to talk like her parents probably did, and how her parents-parents did?

The whole Paula Deen story reminds me how it’s tough to break old habits—which reminds me about what the Supreme Court did this week?

Simon Says: Why Paula Deen has me thinking about The Voting Rights Act of 1965.


  • mhensarling

    I used to like News Fix, but to say Paula Dean is either Racist or Ignorant is ignorant on your part !!
    You just lost a viewer.

  • dktumlinson

    I have chosen to share this report with my friends of FaceBook in the south and I think you will be hearing from them too.

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