Jim Carrey says his new movie Kick-Ass 2 is too violent

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HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – Jim Carrey is being a real grinch when it comes to his upcoming movie Kick-Ass 2. The actor tweeted, “I did Kickass a month b4 Sandy Hook and now in all good conscience I cannot support that level of violence.”

In the film, Carrey plays Col. Stars and Stripes, a born-again Christian who refuseds to fire a gun (apparently he just holds one).

Carrey tweeted again, “my apologies to others involve with the film. I am not ashamed of it but recent events have caused a change in my heart.”

One person involed with the film is being vocal about Carrey’s comments. Mark Millar, the guy who wrote Kick-Ass comics and the movie’s executive producer, said he’s “baffled” and that Kick-Ass “focuses instead of the consequences of violence.”

Millar also asked Carrey to reconsider his support for the film. So far, there’s been no reply from Carrey.

Hey Carrey, how about donating your movie paycheck to the Sandy Hook Victims Relief Fund?

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