Journalist fired for reporting from atop flood victim’s shoulders

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shouldersUTTARAKHAND, INDIA– Each year in June, hundreds of thousands of Hindu folks make a pilgrimage to Uttarakhand, India for spiritual cleansing and renewal. They call the place “the Land of Gods.”

But this month, God didn’t seem too happy to accommodate. Torrential monsoons that usually show up in July came early, and with them, floods and landslides, killing hundreds of people and stranding tens of thousands more.

And you know what happens when disaster strikes… reporters show up to cover it.

One, Narayan Pargaien from Indian News Express, actually filed a report while sitting on the shoulders of one of the flood victims. Not sure if he didn’t want to get his pants wet or what!

When the dude’s bosses saw the footage, they went nuts. They called the act “inhuman” and “highly distasteful.”  Narayan tried to explain that the man insisted on carrying him as a show of respect. The reporter actually said, “It was the first time someone of ‘my’ level had visited his house.” He added this was all his cameraman’s fault because he was just supposed to show him from the chest up.

But his bosses were having none of it! They canned the loser.

How’s that song go– “He ain’t heavy… he’s my brother”?  With a brother like Pargaien, it might be time to sever family ties!

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