Wendy Davis: Rising star of Texas

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wendyAUSTIN, TX – For Texas State Senator Wendy Davis of Fort Worth, this week’s anti-abortion filibuster was déjà vu, all over again.

Davis helped kill a wide-ranging anti-abortion bill by filibustering for nearly 11 hours, thanks in part to her pink running shoes.

Now, Davis and her shoes have become the latest darlings of the social and news networks.

Travis County Democrats tweeted their version of ‘These Boots Were Made for Walking.’

Others came up with the obvious movie idea: ‘Kill Bill’. Sorry. Too easy.

Apparently, no one has come up with anything related to Dorothy and those ruby slippers, yet.

But you got to give Davis credit for getting a lot of mileage out of those shoes.

For at least a day or two, she was all over the news, appearing on TV and even getting credit for starting a ‘Texas Spring’ for abortion rights, much like the Arab Spring in North Africa.

Davis is no stranger to the filibuster, though. In fact, her new nickname may be ‘the Filly Buster’. Two years ago she filibustered the bill to take away $4 billion from public schools.

But, she wasn’t wearing those special shoes then, which may be why she didn’t get the same national attention.

And that brings us back to Dorothy Gale, who got her fancy footwear, after someone dropped a ‘house’ on the previous owner.

Oh, wait, Davis is in the ‘Senate’. Never mind.

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