American student, 21, killed in Egypt violence

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The violence continues in Egypt between anti-government protestors and those who support President Mohamed Morsi.

While the violence may seem like a world away, it’s hitting home for one family here in the United States.

21-year-old Andrew Pochter of Maryland was in Egypt this summer to teach English but that was cut short when he was stabbed to death by a protestor.

President Obama spoke out against the violence for the first time from South Africa, offering his condolences to Pochter’s family, but saying the United States won’t take sides, instead hoping the groups can find a peaceful reconciliation.

State media in Egypt says dozens were injured in the clashes on Friday.

Troops have been called in to try and calm the situation, but demonstrations are expected to be in full force this weekend as Sunday marks the one year anniversary of Morsi’s presidency.

Unfortunately, it’s an anniversary that will probably be marked with more violence than celebrations.

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