Lance Armstrong still thinks he’s the best

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lancePORTO VECCHIO, CORSICA – If you thought the Oprah interview was the last time we’d hear from disgraced bicyclist Lance Armstrong–think again.

This guy absolutely refuses to ride off into the sunset.

On the eve of the 100th Tour de France, the ego-maniac has opened his big mouth again, telling the French newspaper ‘La Monde’ that it is impossible to win that race without doping.

He also considers himself the Tour de France record-holder, despite being stripped of all seven of his titles.

So, did he win or not?

“We can’t take that away. He did win,” said Lori Lawler.

“He was the best of the cheaters. They’re all cheaters. So I guess he won it,” said Joseph Ferrell.

“Pro athletes, they do what they have to do to win and he did what he thought he had to do to win and he won,” said Malcolm Burleson.

The head of the International Cycling Union, Pat McQuaid, dismissed Armstrong’s comments as “very sad” and “categorically” wrong.

McQuaid says the culture within cycling has changed since Armstrong’s days, and that it’s now possible to win without doping.

“I’d like to him ride without it now that he’s clean and sober,” said Lawler.

Ride off a cliff, maybe.

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