Texas forces Playboy to remove Marfa art

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MARFA, TX – Marfa, way out in West Texas, probably is most famous for the Marfa Lights, those unexplained things that fly around at night.

It`s also the place where you can find a Prada sitting there on route 90.

Well, not a real Prada ‘store’, but a real Prada art sculpture known as Prada Marfa. And, now, Marfa is where you can find a Playboy bunny alongside the road. Not a fleshy-and-blood bunny, but rather the Playboy bunny trademark, rising high into the Texas sky.

But the question here is whether this is art or advertisement.

The Playboy people say it`s art. It features the playboy bunny ears sitting on top of a pole next to a stylized version of a 1972 Dodge Charger, which is sitting on top of a concrete block.

A car sitting on top of a concrete block. In Texas. Really?

The Texas Department of Transportation says it`s ‘outdoor advertisement’, and as such, requires a permit.  TXDOT gave Playboy 45 days to get out of Dodge, or in this case, Marfa.