California & Canada dealing with deadly crashes

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777San Francisco, Ca –The smoke clears after two deadly crashes Saturday.

In San Francisco, the bodies of two 16-year old Chinese girls were found on the runway, after Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crash landed at the international airport. Another 180 people were injured.

307 people were on board the Boeing 777, which originated from Shanghai, China, then traveled through Seoul, South Korea before crash landing in the US.

“It seemed little we were a little bit high. We could see the tarmac down below us. We were coming down kind of sharp. And then right when it appeared to coast for the landing, all of a sudden the engine was off, like you sped up, like the pilot knew he was short,” Elliot Stone, a passenger on Flight 214

While investigators from both America and South Korea are trying to figure out what happened, it looks as though the plane struck the seawall, and the tail ripped off (obviously a death blow to an aircraft.)

And in Canada, it doesn’t get any better. At least five are dead, and another forty missing after a train hauling 70 tankers of crude oil derailed and exploded near the US border.

And if that isn’t bad enough, check out this lady:

“My place is destroyed. So I’m homeless I have no family here, no friends, my dog has died, and it was my birthday,’ said Amanda Gabrielle, a Lac Mégantic Resident.

Hundreds evacuated while firefighters from the US came over to help battle the blaze.

Two deadly accidents. One sad day.

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