Dead woman wakes up as doctors prepare to remove organs

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wakenNEW YORK, NY – Deciding to become an organ donor is noble, though this next story might have you thinking twice.

According to the Post-Standard in Syracuse, doctors at New York’s St. Joseph’s Hospital thought 41-year-old Colleen Burns was dead, and then attempted to remove her organs. But they were in for a shock when Colleen opened her eyes just before they sliced and diced.

This happened back in 2009, but some recent investigations into the hospital have brought the story to light.

Colleen was on life support following a drug overdose. Thinking she had died, her family agreed to pull the plug and donate her organs. But she wasn’t actually dead. In this case, the hospital allegedly failed to follow through with the most basic of tests, including checking to see if her brain was still functioning.

Two weeks later, the woman went home, and surprisingly, never sued. We wish we had a happier ending for you folks. Though she was given a second chance, she ended up taking her own life about a year and a half later.

A tragic tale, any way you slice it.