Fight Over Boyfriend’s Farts Leads to Domestic Violence Call

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A domestic violence call to police in Detroit was anything BUTT. A neighbor called police after she heard a woman screaming for her boyfriend to “Stop!”

“One of the neighbors had heard somebody yelling — a female yelling … she was possibly being hit — yelling, ‘Stop! No!,” Clawson Police Chief Harry Anderson told WWJ Newsradio.

Police rushed to the scene at the apartment complex. But they quickly “cleared” it. After a few minutes of sniffing around they found out the offensive smell is what led to the shouting. It was a flatulent fight.

“The female that was inside stated that her boyfriend had continued to pass gas, and she was yelling at him to stop,” Anderson told the radio station.

The humor didn’t appear to be lost on the officers. “[We] cleared the scene expeditiously,” a police report said.

But you never know…farts can turn almost deadly. Deborah Ann Burns, 37, in Florida, was arrested for allegedly stabbing her boyfriend in the stomach after he farted in her face.

So at the end of the day it’s best to hear something and say something. After all you don’t want to be like a fart, silent but deadly.

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