Mexico surpasses U.S. obesity rate

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obesityMEXICO CITY, MEXICO – Things aren’t looking so la vida loca in Mexico. New reports suggest the country has surpassed the U.S. in obesity rates per capita and has now become the fattest country in world. And for a nation where half the population lives at or below poverty, it’s an epidemic most wouldn’t expect.

“They have cheaper nutrition,’ explains Houston Doctor Jorge Suarez. ‘They buy a lot of high calorie products that make you feel full but they are poor nourished.”

Dr. Suarez knows the problem all too well. He’s written a book detailing the connection between poverty and disease. And the bottom line for Mexicans is economics.

“Due to the economic issues and poverty, the families are making decisions and eating more calories for less price.”

Seven out of every ten Mexicans is obese. And while we in America may be happy the spotlight is no longer on us, without resources most Mexican citizens don’t have available, it’s a problem not likely to go away.

“If we don’t have education,’ Dr. Suarez says, ‘we’re going to have a disaster in the future.”

Unfortunately as long as most Mexican citizens continue living in poverty, it’s likely obesity won’t be the only problem our neighbors to the south will face.