Teenage son admits to stabbing, killing mother

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teenJACINTO CITY, TX – Talk about mommy issues. Jacinto City police say a mother is dead, and that her teenage son admitted to stabbing her.

“Her dad called me and said that there was a tragedy at the house,’ said Arturo Zuniga, a friend of the victim and who also owns the home where she lived. ‘He said that his grandson had killed his daughter.”

Jacinto police say the mother and her 15-year-old son had been staying at this home, when the two reportedly got into a fight. Later, police say the boy came in and stabbed his mother multiple times while she was sleeping at around three in the morning.

“She did appear to have some defensive wounds to her elbow,’ said Joe Ayala, Chief of Police with Jacinto City Police Dept. ‘We have recovered a weapon, possibly a second weapon involved.”

It comes as a shock to the man who owns the house, who says he knew the woman since she was 17-years-old.

“I’m still dumbfounded. I have no idea why this happened,’ said Zuniga. ‘They were both happy when I left.”

Happy? Apparently not.

The boy’s in police custody. Meanwhile, it goes without saying, an investigation into the woman’s death is on-going.