Human-powered helicopter wins 33-year-old competition

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flightTORONTO, CANADA – Who’s ready to fly? This team of Canadian engineers not only flew their Atlas helicopter into the history books; they took a $250,000 prize with them.

The AeroVelo Corporation reached new heights winning the coveted 33-year-old Sikorsky Human Powered Helicopter Competition by successfully flying Atlas for a world record setting 64.11 seconds.

Requisites to win the award; hover at 10 feet, for 60 seconds, without drifting out of a 1,076 square feet area.

Many have tried, but none could rise to the occasion.

Last year, a group from the University of Maryland reached the 10 feet mark, but was grounded just short at 58 seconds.

The lesson here kids; hard work and determination always pays off. And when you reach for the stars, the sky’s the limit.

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