Like the Terminator, Twinkies are back

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twinkiesHOUSTON, TX – Yes, Twinkies are back. This time in a smaller size, with less calories and still living up to the myth with no expiration date on the packaging.

“Twinkies came in on Saturday, and this is all that we have left,’ said Troy Gannod, co-manager of Walmart on I-10 and Yale Street. ‘As you can see it’s selling pretty good.”

With new ownership, no more unions around and a slightly different recipe, it took the snack cakes eight months to resurrect themselves to the store shelves. And speaking of bad investments; we wonder what all those collectors who bought boxes of Twinkies on eBay for ridiculous prices are doing right now?

The company will support the Twinkies comeback with an aggressive marketing campaign — so if you feel somebody is following you, it’s not the NSA, it’s a Twinkie. Without a doubt, today is a happy day for the brand. And for all those who love this sweet tradition; one at a time, please.

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