Presidents unite to give 5000th Daily Point of Light Award

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WASHINGTON, DC – The last time we saw former President George H. W. Bush was at the opening of his son’s presidential library in April. He was looking hot too; in hot pink, that is.

There were no pink socks this time. Instead he sported some red and white striped ones, and made it out to the White House.

The former president joined President Obama to celebrate a milestone for the Daily Point of Light Award.

The award was started during Bush’s administration in 1990. It was given to those people who have created solutions and resources in solving serious social problems. And now 20 years later, President Obama presented its 5000th award to Floyd Hammer and Kathy Hamilton. They created the group Outreach, which helps battle hunger around the globe.

A great legacy from a former U.S. President that will keep giving back for decades to come.