Text Message Breakups: Who’s worse, men or women?

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textHOUSTON, TX – Breaking up with someone is hard to do. Well that is for most people.

Get this, a survey conducted by WhatsYourPrice.com, an online dating site that allows users to buy and sell first dates, yeah there’s actually a website that allows someone to buy a first date with someone.

Anyway, the poll found that 88% of men have broken up with someone over text message compared to women doing it only 18%.

That’s just cold.

17-year-old Emerlly Pineda agress, “I think it’s wrong because it’s like soulless. They don’t have the audacity to say it to her in front of her face or to tell her in person because it will probably make them look like a bad person.”

Maceo Hicks also would never break up via text message, “It’s pretty cowardly but a lot of men do it. They don’t want to have the conflict, they just send a message and let it be over with right then.”

A perfect example of a gutless break up Katy Perry and Russell Brand

Brand sent Perry a text message on New Year’s Eve saying he wanted a divorce.

“I saw her movie and she was crying and it was really sad. It made me cry,” Pineda said.

So guys, think about it before you do something so cowardly

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