JK Rowling publishes novel under false name

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jkLONDON, ENGLAND – J.K. Rowling knows a thing or two about magic, but it seems Harry Potter isn’t the only time the British book-writer pulls out the ole’ invisibility cloak.

Apparently Rowling was wearing an invisibility cloak of sorts when writing her newest best seller, “The Cuckoos Calling” under the pseudo-name Robert Galbraith. Critics called the piece a “rare feat” and “the start of a fine crime career” for Galbraith (who no one knew from Adam… or so they thought).

It didn’t take long for the mystery to unravel and¬†Rowling said, “JK! It wasn’t Robert … it was me!” She said she’d, “Hoped to keep the secret a little longer because being Robert Galbraith has been such a liberating experience! It has been wonderful to publish without hype or expectation.”

After word got out sales of “The Cuckoos Calling” have skyrocketed. They’re up more than 500,000% on Amazon.com making it their number one selling book.

You’ve got to give it to Rowling; while many celebrities have nothing more than their name to make them money, J.K relies solely on her talent to add to her billion-dollar empire. What a novel idea!