New York University most expensive college in America

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Things may be bigger in Texas but there’s one thing we can’t compete with and we’re OK with that.

The website Business Insider took a 2-year-old list of the most expensive tuitions from the Department of Education and added in things like room and board and fees.

So who’s on top? That would be New York University.

According to their calculations, students, well, probably their parents, will shell out nearly $62,000 a year for a NYU education! [$61,977]

Harvey Mudd College in California and Bard College in New York, round out the top three, all costing more than $61,000 a year.

Money that will now take even longer for students to pay back since Congress allowed interest rates on student loans to double.

So does the bigger bill equal a better education?

Guess they’ll find out when they hit the job market.

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