College football player arrested for barking at police K9

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k9GAINESVILLE, FL – You may have heard the saying ‘Pick on someone your own size.’ But for Florida Gators linebacker Antonio Morrison, it seems it should be more like ‘Pick on your own species!’

Police in Gainesville say Morrison walked up to an open window of a marked patrol car and barked at the K9. The dog did, well what a dog does, and barked back. When the officer tried to handcuff Morrison, they say he initially resisted.

Even though barking at a police dog is a misdemeanor, Morrison is still in hot water because of rap sheet. This is his second arrest in just a few weeks. In June, he was arrested for allegedly punching a bouncer at a club.

The Gators couch obviously isn’t too happy, and says Morrison will be suspended for at least two games.

Looks like Morrison better shape up, because if he keeps this kind of stuff up, he might just end up off the field and in the dog house!