Limo driver distracted by argument with ex-wife before fatal fire

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limoSAN FRANCISCO, CA – When the limo you’re driving is on fire; you better hang up and tell your ex that you’ll call her back later. New information about the May 4th deadly vehicle fire in San Francisco has been released by authorities.

The estranged wife of limo driver Orville Brown claims that she and Brown were arguing on the phone at the moment the 1999 Lincoln Town Car caught on fire.

“When he got out from the car, he just opened the door,’ recalled in tears survivor Nelia Arellano. ‘That’s all he did.”

Nine nurses hired the limo to celebrate a recent wedding. Five of those nurses died that tragic night. The ex-wife also said Brown had turned up the music in the car so the passengers couldn’t hear their arguing.

“I even asked the driver: open the door, open the door!’ said Arellano. ‘He didn’t do anything.”

Looks like yelling “fire” to get someone’s attention, doesn’t always do the job.