Anthony Weiner caught with his pants down, again

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NEW YORK, NY – All in all, you probably couldn’t care less about who wins the New York City mayoral race. But you have to care a little about what one of the candidates is to.

You know, Anthony Weiner. Or should we say, Carlos Danger.

Weiner has an alias, and it’s a better one that anyone could have roused up.

As you’ve heard by now, Danger (Weiner) was caught with his pants down, again.

Dirty messages sent by the former Congressman were released online, and Weiner came out and admitted to it.

But it’s not just Weiner folks have their eyes on. Now people are wondering what’s up with his wife, Huma Abedin.

“I love him. I have forgiven him. I believe in him, and as we have said from the beginning, we are moving forward,” Abedin said at a news conference Tuesday.

As it turns out, Huma Abedin is BFF’s with the queen of infidelity forgiveness, Hillary Clinton.

OK, maybe they aren’t BFF’s, but Abedin did work for the former Secretary of State for years. She’s no stranger to the game of politics.

So, she’s not pulling out of the marriage, and Weiner isn’t pulling out of the mayoral race.

“A lot of people have been crying out for someone to talk about issues important to the middle class. And a lot of the same people who weren’t crazy about me running in the first place now want me to get out, including my opponents, who I’m sure didn’t want me in the race in the first place,” Weiner said Wednesday.

A note for Weiner: Plenty of people want you to stay in the race, if for nothing else, the penis puns.

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