Are your employees getting enough sleep?

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sleepHOUSTON, TX – Hey, everybody sleeps, but not everyone is doing it correctly.

Look around your office tomorrow morning; it’s safe to say there’s probably a lot of yawning going around. Heck, we’d probably work in our pajamas if it wasn’t so frowned upon. But that’s all for a reason.

This guy, Jim Maas, a 75-year-old leader in sleep research, says that almost everyone is running on a 47 to 60 minute sleep deficit.

Maas a retired chairman of the Psychology Department at Cornell University and a sleep consultant in Keller Texas, says that people who don’t get enough sleep are way more at risk for not so awesome health issues like hypertension, heart attacks and strokes. Most adults should be getting between 7 and 8 and a half hours of sleep each night; if you’re under 26, make that 9 and a quarter hours. We need that sleep to maintain our proper endocrine, hormone, immunity and cardiac functions.

This is the same guy who’s worked with sports teams like the Orlando Magic, the Philadelphia Flyers and Ottawa Senators. He also advised Sarah Hughes on her 2002 Olympic gold medal run; having her cut out early morning practices and get 9 and a quarter hours of sleep each night.

So, maybe the work day should start at 10?

That might be a way to sneak in that extra sleep we need to be more productive and healthy. Oh, but then everyone would say we’re lazy.

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