AT&T announces it will end landline service by 2020

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HOUSTON, TX – Still using that moldy old crank telephone to make your calls? You’re living in the past. But not for long.

AT&T says it’s getting out of the land-line business as early as 2020, and for good reason: more and more folks are dropping their traditional phone lines in lieu of their cell phones. In fact, nearly 40 million customers in the U.S. have dropped their old phone lines in the last five years alone, leaving the cost of maintaining those lines a questionable proposition for phone companies.

But in spite of those numbers, odds are you know someone who still uses their old home phone.

“Yes I have a phone, I don’t have no other kind,” says 87-year-old Elida Garcia.

Despite changing technology, plenty of senior citizens still depend on traditional phone lines for communication.

“It’s important because I have a lot of children,’ Garcia says, ‘and they call me real often to see how I’m doing.”

Phone providers in several New York areas have already decided that after hurricane sandy, they won’t bother replacing the old copper-wire phone lines that were destroyed in the storm because there aren’t enough customers to support the rebuilding. And for some seniors, the option of switching to a cell phone isn’t feasible.

Meaning that when the time comes to hang-up the old land lines, some folks could simply be hung up.

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