Life expectancy shorter in southern states

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lifeHOUSTON, TX – If you want a long healthy life, living in the south may not be the choice for you.

A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention survey of healthy life expectancies throughout the 50 states shows that living a long healthy life beyond the age of 65 is less likely across all southern states.

It comes down to a connection between life expectancy and well-being, which according to the numbers is also connected to politics.

The states with the greater longevity tend to have more liberal views.

Of the 13 states with highest life expectancy, 10 voted for President Obama in the last election, and 7 ranked in the top 10 of the Gallup Well Being Index.

On the other hand, all 13 states with the lowest life expectancy voted for Mitt Romney, with 7 of those having the lowest median income in the nation.

African Americans have a lower life expectancy than whites in all states other than Nevada and New Mexico.

Who knows, maybe with Paula Deen out of the picture, folks in the south can now expect to live healthier lives as well.

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