Mama bear tries to free cub from dumpster

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bearAZUSA, CA – A California bear cub is back with its Mom after an adventure inside a trash dumpster.

After the cub got stuck in the trash, the mama bear immediately sprang into action trying to free her dumpster diving cub.

She frantically tries to lift the lid; but she just couldn’t get a good grip.

At one point she even uses her teeth by shaking the lock.

Her other cub also tried to help rescue its trapped sibling but neither could get it open.

Fortunately, some helpful humans, specifically fish and wildlife officers, arrived on the scene.

We know one thing — you don’t mess with a mama bear and her cub. So rescuers had to scare her off with lights and sirens in order to free the baby bear.

They hurried up and lifted the lid then backed off.

The cute little cub was able to climb out and even had some garbage hanging from one ear.

20 minutes later the cub was reunited with his family.