Missing woman found alive and well after 52 years

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YUKON TERRITORIES, CANADA – Don’t expect a mother of the year award for this lady.

It’s not out the ordinary for mom’s to get away for a little “me” time. But “getting away” for over 50 years?

Yea, one Canadian woman was in for a shock when she went looking for her long-lost mom, only to find mom set up shop with a new family in a different town.

The mother, Lucy Johnson, went missing in 1961 from Surrey, British Colombia. Police eyed her husband and even dug up the back yard looking for her, to no avail. The husband was never charged, and he later died sometime in the 1990’s. The case went cold.

Fast forward to this year. On a hunch, Lucy`s daughter, Linda Evans, posted missing person signs around the Yukon Territories, near where the mother had lived as a child. And sure enough, a phone call came in… from the woman’s other daughter.

It turns out, the woman (now 77 years old) went on to have another daughter and three sons.

Despite being abandoned, Linda says she still wants to meet her mom, and give her a big hug. Mystery solved. A cold case for a cold mom.

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