Must See Video: Man Records Wife’s Extreme Temper Tantrum

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A man has posted a video of his soon-to-be ex-wife having a stage five temper tantrum, proving to the world what he had to go through.

According to Jim, this is how his wife Whitney, 30, would act when she didn’t get her way.

On this particular day, she wanted to go to the lake. But he said no, that he had to work on his truck. Cue the hissy fit!

In the YouTube video’s description, Jim says this “is not the first time this has happened,” but it was apparently the last.

After dealing with her drinking problems (“she is on probation for a DUI”), trying to patch things up through marriage counseling (“she showed up 10 minutes late and left”), and suffering in silence while she repeatedly tried “to convince all of her friends that I was always yelling and cussing,” Jim decided to call it a day. In a later posting he said, “That was the last day I lived in our house. I have moved out and filed a restraining order against her.”

Jim also said he realized his marriage was truly over when his wife defriended him on Facebook.

Obviously, they are both immature. He was the passive aggressive type and she was the out-spoken crazy one. But, she’s not the only bad guy in this video. If any of you have been in a volatile relationship you know that the other person knows exactly what to do to push your buttons and you over the edge. And that’s just what Jim did. He clearly set her up. For both their sakes it’s best they go their separate ways. And hopefully their next relationship is with a shrink!

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