Ricin suspect gives birth behind bars

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LONGVIEW, TX – While Kate gave birth to her little prince in a posh suite in London, it’s a different scene in Longview.

Shannon Guess Richardson is accused of sending ricin-laced letters to President Obama and New York’s Mayor Bloomberg and then framing her husband.

Well Shannon was pregnant at the time she allegedly made the ricin letters and, according to her attorney, the 35-year-old woman has given birth to a little prince of her own on July fourth.

The birth comes four months early, which means the baby is facing health problems and has been transferred to a hospital that’s better able to take care of him.

Shannon’s attorney told the Texarkana Gazette that the baby weighed less than two pounds when he was born.

Shannon’s husband, Nathanial, has since filed for divorce and has said Shannon is just desperate to become famous. Well, she’s nailed the famous part down.

Whoa mama, this kid’s in for a bumpy ride.

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