Stranded passengers describe Turkish Airlines flightmare

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flightmareHOUSTON, TX – Hundreds of passengers on their way to Istanbul, Turkey were stranded in Houston for at least 24 hours.

Yeah, we’ve all got our airline stories; but it looks like Turkish Airlines is going for the Worst Customer Service award.

We were told by multiple passengers that the flight was supposed to leave from Bush Intercontinental Airport at 7:50 p.m. Monday. That didn’t happen due to alleged mechanical problems.

No one could get out of the airport until almost midnight, at least.

Non-Houstonians were told to go to another terminal where a shuttle would take them to a motel. That shuttle supposedly never came.

Those who made it to motel say they had to book their own rooms.

The next morning is where the run-around began.

“What we’re getting is nothing. We’re just standing in line, moving from one line to the other,” said Carol McCown, who happens to be with Royal Ambassador Travel.

Bo Johnson, who was on his honeymoon, says he thinks he figured it all out: “Turkish Airlines is keeping us in checked-in status so that whenever it is that they get around to being able to figure out how to reschedule that flight, then they can put us on that one and they don’t lose the revenue from all of us that was going to come to them from all of those tickets.”

Some lucky people got booked on another flight.

Others continued the waiting game.

NewsFix reached out to Turkish Airlines but have yet to receive any kind of statement.

Hopefully those passengers reach their destinations soon.

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