Bear walks into bar, customers’ barley notice

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ESTES PARK, CO – A bear is caught on surveillance camera walking into a bar in Estes Park, CO.

The video shows the bear stroll by empty tables and chairs; then turns around and leaves.

Here’s the crazy thing, there were people in the pub.

Oblivious or maybe they had one too many — customers say they didn’t even notice the unusually burly visitor stroll on in.

The owner of the bar says he didn’t even know about his wild patron until the next morning when he was scrolling through the footage. Bet that was a surprise.

Honestly though — it’s nothing new for this rocky mountain watering hole.

The owner says 12-years-ago a bear did the same thing.

For some reason though they don’t stick around to order a beer — guess the bar doesn’t have the bear necessities.

But bears beware — this bar is known to serve a shot or two.