Deadly train derailment in Spain

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trainSANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA, SPAIN – Tragedy on the tracks in northwest Spain.

At least 80 people are dead and nearly two hundred more injured in what is being called one of the country’s worst train disasters. At least five of the injured are Americans.

Check out the video: the train derails, slams into the concrete wall, slicing the first car in half.

“We heard a huge explosion. There were lots of people injured. We started to help the injured in that train car there. Then, we went to the other cars and that was shocking, indescribable. It was crazy,” said one witness.

Though there’s no official cause yet, officials say the driver admitted to taking the curve too fast, just as it was approaching the station after a six-hour trip from Madrid. The train company says the driver worked for the company for thirty years, with ten of those years as a driver.

Sources say the train was going 120 miles per hour in the 50 mile per hour curve.

Life in the fast lane. Death on the tracks.