Grandmother, 2-year-old grandson found dead in Huntsville

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doublemurderHUNTSVILLE, TX – A woman and her 2-year-old grandson were found dead in their home, by the woman’s husband.

Trooper Erik Burse of the Department of Public Safety explained, “The Walker County Sheriff’s office received a 911 call to this residence. Once they arrived on scene, they noticed 2 people were deceased. One black female, approximately 60-years-old, and one infant black male approximately 2-years-old.”

Authorities say information is limited.

“They’re still in the initial part of the investigation,’ says Burse. ‘There are no suspects, there is no one in custody right now, I can’t go into detail about the positions of the bodies, or how they were assaulted.”

The murder, especially shocking in this tight knit rural community, where all the neighbors seem to watch out for one another.

“They’ve never received any calls at this residence. Everyone on this street knows everyone, they all go to the same church, so it’s shocking this happened.”

Myra Crooks who lives across the street said, “In a small community like this, you would never think that something like this would ever happen.  She was a very good, very kind, very sweet, kind hearted person. Never would hurt a fly, I mean she was just giving always herself.”

Latifah Eaglin, a neighbor, said, “I was shocked, I was very shocked.  I thought it was a dream, I really did, right now I’m still shocked.”

The Walker County Sheriff’s Office has requested the assistance of the Department of Public Safety, as well as the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Crime Unit.

Crooks added, “I hope that they will catch him, whoever did this to our neighbors.”