Hillary Clinton tops all comers for president in new poll

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WASHINGTON, DC – There’s a Clinton at the top of the presidential polls, but, it’s not the Big Dog.

It’s the other one, Hillary Clinton.

And yes, she hasn’t said she’s running, but that hasn’t stopped pollsters from matching the former first-lady, senator, secretary of state with Republicans who also haven’t said they’re running.

The latest is the McClatchy Maris poll that finds Clinton topping all comers from both parties.

New Jersey governor Chris Christie comes closest among Republicans, within six percent.

Jeb Bush is about 8 points behind Clinton.

Marco Rubio and Rand Paul each falls about 12 points back.

Last year’s GOP VP candidate Paul Ryan drops behind by 16%, and our own Gov. Perry could only come up with 36% against Clinton.

After spending the morning on the streets of Houston, we’re not surprised.

Fernando Munoz said he would vote for Clinton because he thinks, “She’s a lady that has a lot of experience about the policy.”

Kamilah Bright said Perry bombed out with her as a Governor, ” . . . I definitely wouldn’t want to see him as our president.”

And Anthony Revis’s likes Clinton because, “I think she already ran the country once anyway.”

A University of Texas/ Texas Tribune poll released last month also wasn’t good news for Perry.

He came in fourth among fellow Republicans, but even ‘undecided’ out-polled Perry in that one by a 2-to-1 margin.