Nasty stomach bug sickens hundreds across US

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HOUSTON, TX – Sometimes you just got to go. It might be a simple case of the runs, or it could be cyclospora.

Dr. Herbert DuPont of the University of Texas School of Public Health explains, “Cyclospora is a parasite that is found in food that produces diarrhea in people that consume the contaminated food, and the diarrhea is different than most in that it lasts for weeks or even months if untreated.”

The Centers for Disease Control says 250 people in at least six states including Texas are infected by the bug, which doesn’t sound like a lot, so why are they worried?

Dr. DuPont said, “In 1997 there was a nationwide outbreak of that began in Houston at a very popular restaurant and a country club.”

What can we say, Houston is a giving city.

The cause? Raspberries from Guatemala, and scientist believe the current outbreak is related to fruits from another country.

“There’s a chance this goes countrywide with tens of thousands of cases.”

How do we avoid all that quality time in the commode?

When it comes to fruits and veggies Dr. DuPont says, “You give it a bath and a shower. You wash it carefully, you run water through it and that includes berries.”

If you’ve had the runs for more than 48 hours, go see a doc, so you don’t end up sitting on the porcelain throne for the next few weeks.