‘Happy Ride’…the Vibrating Bicycle Seat Cover

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Talk about a bicycle built for two…you and your vibrator that is. A sex shop in the U.K. has released “The Happy Ride”, a vibrating bicycle seat cover.

The inconspicuous gadget, slides on over the seat of the bike and incorporates a ‘vibration stimulation’ as you ride.

It has a padded lining and black nylon fabric outer surface. Comfy and pleasurable. The powerful vibrator, is designed to fit all seats. Because let’s be real, seats come in all shapes and sizes. I prefer the banana seat.

The rider can then control the level of vibration that emanates from the seat thanks to an attached control pocket, which can then be placed into a pocket that hides it from view.

Talk about switching gears!

But, not everyone is “happy” about the vibrating seat cover saying it is too dangerous to be used on busy streets.  Can’t argue with that, it could definitely be distracting….in a good way!

This is definitely an incentive to hop on and ride. This would really make the Tour De France entertaining. You wonder why they’re screaming, “Yes, Yes, Yes” across the finish line.

So instead of saying there she goes how about…here she comes.

And that’s today’s helping of The Online Dish with Maggie.