Smugglers caught with $3 million in gold shoved up their butts

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goldSEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – South Korean custom officials have fingered a smuggling operation by a group who tried to illegally import $3 million of gold into Seoul’s International Airport up their butts.

According to, nine Taiwanese nationals where allegedly caught with their pants-down, collectively carrying 134 pounds of golden nuggets. Each one of these mules was literally a walking gold mine.

The man behind the operation is a 47-year-old Taiwanese man who goes by the name Zhou. He’s accused of recruiting these booty carriers by offering them free trips to Seoul, on the condition that they carry some excess baggage.

Once in South Korea, the buttocks bullion was to be unloaded at a Seoul subway station and collected by another outfit member brick by brick.

South Korean officials are happy they got to the bottom of things by rear-ending this potentially profitable smuggling scheme. This butt gold might be worth 3 million bucks, but the protective gloves used to handle the golden goods: priceless.