Women protest Anthony Weiner at speech.

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NEW YORK, NY – The race is getting down and dirty, but we are starting to think that’s just how Anthony Weiner likes it.

The disgraced New York congressman, who’s now running for mayor of The Big Apple, could only blush when candidates were asked about social media at a Wednesday night debate. But his opponents and some residents of New York are not amused.

After giving a speech on public housing earlier in the day, one group of women stood up and turned their backs to the candidate. It was a silent protest, in the wake of Weiner admitting this week that he continued sending sexual texts and pictures to random women, even a year after resigning from congress for the same thing.

“Perhaps I should have said it was going to come out at this specific time and this specific person, but there isn’t a lot better way for me to answer these questions,” Weiner said to reporters on Wednesday when asked about his failure to disclose all indiscretions earlier.

Many say he still is not answering all the questions. But the main one will be for voters in New York.