Boxing match turns deadly in Indonesia

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NABIRE, INDONESIA – A boxing match turned deadly in eastern Indonesia, but it was the spectators that were in harm’s way.

18 fans were trampled to death (most of which were women) and another 32 people were injured following a riot that broke out during the final of the 128-pound division earlier this month.

So what caused the riot? Local police say fans were ticked off when Yulianus Pigome lost to Alvius Rumkorem. The loser’s fans threw chairs at the judges, leading the winner’s fans to throw bottles and broken chairs. And, naturally, panic ensued.

Sadly, the tragic deaths aren’t all that surprising when you learn 1500 people were crammed into the stadium meant for about 600. And get this: police say the place only had two working exits.

Seems like the fans couldn’t even count on having basic safety standards in their corner.

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