Lawyer Sends Semi-Nude Selfies to Future Employers

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Desperate times, call for desperate measures. A go-getter lawyer who recently passed his bar exam decided to stand out in a competitive job market. He sent out a mass email blast to thousands of potential employers across Delaware in hopes that one firm would see that he’s “cutting edge”.

But Brian Zulberti, Villanova University School of Law Class of 2009, didn’t bother to include any of the standard job application attachments such as cover letter or resume. Instead the 30-year-old said, ‘In the interest of brevity and not being even more annoying than I already arguably am, I am not going to include any more information about myself.”

“All I ask is that if you are looking to employ someone with a legal background, anywhere from paralegal to practicing attorney, let me know and I will send you some information about myself.”
Interested parties resorted to one thing, good ole Google. Little did they know they’d be getting a ticket to the gun show. On his very public Facebook page, you can find tons of lousy semi-nude selfies (Geraldo has nothing on him). One which he appears shirtless in front of a mirror, with a handwritten sign that reads, “Hire me! No, as a lawyer. Damn not a [sic] escort … wait, is it something I’m wearing?”

Lawyers are known for being d-bags but this guy takes it to a whole other level. Ever since the blog Above the Law got a hold of this, Zulberti’s reputation has been cross-examined. He responded with a YouTube video, showing off his biceps and reciting his own “I Have a Dream” speech.

Does he want to be a lawyer or a D-list celeb with a reality show? So would you hire him to go over your briefs? Something tells me his career in law will be brief after this failed attempt at bulking up his resume.

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