Tennessee man saves stray pig from the dinner plate

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pigMEMPHIS, TN – Everyone loves a good rags to riches story, and this one will have you squealing with delight.

Meet Porkchop the Pig. This homeless hog has been getting a lot of attention in Memphis. Known to hang out at a local McDonald’s parking lot, the stray swine was living off the fast-food some folks would occasionally chuck his way.

This little piggy didn’t have a home he could wee-wee-wee to, and there were rumors hungry wolves wanted to make a meal out him, hence the name Porkchop. But before the pig got turned into a Memphis pull-pork sandwich, a self-proclaimed animal lover stepped in.

Rick Bucak, a retired police officer has found this pig some new digs. A home where this ham will be the main guest and not the main course. He says the idea of saving the swine started off as a joke; but became real once he saw a picture of poor Porkchop.

Now this pig is living high on the hog!

Retired on 10 acres of farmland and equipped with his own piggy sized pool. Things are finally looking up for him. Maybe now’s a good time for Porkchop to consider changing his name to something a little less tasty.

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