Get a break on your electric bill

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HOUSTON, TX – Is the electric bill a little out of control?  Good news, there’s help out there. The only requirement is you have to be at the federal poverty guidelines or below.

The Public Utility Commission of Texas is offering the Lite-Up program, which gives an 82% discount on the A/C bill for the month of September, as well as May, June, July and August of next year. Up from 16.5% that was available since 2002.

Terry Hadley, Spokesman for the Public Utility Commission of Texas explained, “If a customer is already receiving food stamps or Medicaid, or certain other social service programs, they are already automatically enrolled in the program and have been receiving the discount.”

If you aren’t already enrolled and are eligible for the discount, August 13th is the deadline to apply.

Houstonians pay a dollar a month on electric bills that fund the program. The legislature has decided to end the program next year, but for now the program’s piggy bank goes to citizens in need.

Good news for the time being, but beyond 2014, that money will no longer be available.

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