Texans fans predictions for the new season

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It may not be game-day Sunday but Texans fans are just as vocal.

You might think it’s crazy for people to get worked up over practice. We’re talking about practice.


Frank Carrera: attends training camp every year and he says, ” Even for fans, we’re in training camp too. We got to get ready, we got to get prepared, hyped up and pumped up for the players to see who’s going to be out there and the new additions we have out there so it’s training camp for us, too.”

Randall Allen adds, “Looking at the new guys and see how they’re come along and how they’ll help the team out.”

Corey Goldman says, “It’s exciting when they go one on one though and the team is playing each other.”

Cheering on players as they’re essentially interviewing for a job. Makes one wonder how people would react if players were at their jobs

Cabrrera says, “Somebody come out there and kick the broom out of my hand the first day at work, Yeah, that would not be too cool haha.”

Fans expectations though are no laughing matter.

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