38 killed in Italian bus crash

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IRPINIA, ITALY – This was the scene Sunday night in Irpinia, Italy, near Naples, after a bus returning pilgrims from a weekend visit to a Catholic shrine went off a bridge.

Thirty-eight people died, including children. Police say ten people survived.

The bus hit 11 vehicles before crashing through a bridge railing and falling about 100 feet into a heavily wooded area. Investigators don`t know yet what caused the crash.

A church bus accident over the weekend in Indianapolis killed three people returning from a church camp. A youth pastor and his pregnant wife were among those killed. The couple`s 2-year-old son survived the crash. The third victim was a mother with five children.

Investigators in this crash also do not know the cause.

A stupid driver may have caused this tour bus accident in Arizona Sunday. The bus driver tried to drive through raging waters that carried the bus about 300 yards before flipping it on its side.

No one died.

Authorities are considering charging the driver under Arizona`s Stupid Motorist law.

Ya think?