Discovery Green turns fire-engine red

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dgHOUSTON, TX – On Sunday the group “Firefighters Helping Firefighters” staged a fundraising concert.

There is still plenty of assistance needed for those affected by the five alarm fire on May 31st, the most devastating and deadly fire in Houston Fire Department history.

Houston Fire Department spokesperson Ruy Lozano says; “We’re over here raising money for those injured families that are still being affected by the fire on May 31st, and we’re also celebrating the death of our fallen.”

Firefighters Helping Firefighters was established as a non-profit organization after some families claim the 100 Club failed to provide enough assistance for the families of the fallen.

The 100 Club has since changed its protocol. Regardless of the past controversy, this event is all about the heroes and their families.

Dennis LaRoche, of Firefighters Helping Firefighters, says, “The proceeds, the donations today and the ticket sales will go to the three remaining injured fire fighters and to help their family stay at a great equilibrium and also any kind of support that they need in home health care or help them transition their homes to facilitate their needs in the future.”

“It’s just an unbelievable event, put on by firemen for firemen,’ explains Robert Yarbrough, ‘just unbelievable they got all this done, the people they got out here to perform, it’s just an amazing feeling to be here.”