Greg Jones joins Texans training camp

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jonesHOUSTON, TX – All eyes right now are on Arian Foster as he remains on the players unable to perform list since camp opened Friday.

There is one newcomer to Texans camp who should help clear the way for Foster when he returns, and that is fullback Greg Jones.

“I can remember by first year at training camp and that was the hardest for me because I didn’t know what to expect, but as the years go on then you know what to expect and how to get ready for the game of football,’ says Jones. ‘I’m just trying to get in shape. Try to get my foundation down and just get my technique down. So, I’m not worrying about anything else but learning the playbook and get in shape.”

Jones spent eight seasons in Jacksonville blocking for all-pros Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew. He’s learned a few things while in the NFL.

“Stay hungry, stay humble and you always can get better. Don’t get complacent. I’ve seen a lot of guys, especially young guys get complacent by how good they were doing and the next thing you know they’re out the door.”

Jones practices what he preaches by spending additional time on his game and to help others get better as well.

“I think he has been a great fullback in this league for a lot of years and he has a great attitude,’ says Arian Foster. ‘He is not coming in here like he’s a vet. He’s just coming in here like he’s hungry and wants to learn. I respect that.”

Jones appears to have caught on with his teammates and is ready for some postseason success, “I think if everybody comes back healthy and just go out there and compete and put in 100%, I think it will be a big year for us.”