South African woman claims to be 119-years-old

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oldNEW YORK, NY – Here’s one for the ages. Looks like we got a good old competition on our hands and it’s sure to be an oldie but goodie.

Recently we told you about American Salustiano Sanchez-Blazguez; the supposed world’s oldest man at 112.

It seems the king of ages could instead be Feroz-Un-Din Mir from India, who’s topping all the charts. Claiming to have paperwork proving he was born in 1872, he is an astounding 141-years-old. Wow, that would make his wife 60 years younger.

Feroz-Un-Din Mir would also go down in history as the oldest living person ever, beating French woman Jeanne Calment who died at 122-years-young.

And who knew we’d have a cat fight for world’s oldest woman.

The record recorder’s at Guinness lists the current queen of ages as Japan’s Misao Okawa , who is 115. Not so fast! Okawa’s title is being challenged by south African Johanna Mazibuko, who’s claiming to have proof she is 119-years-young.

According to a tattered green ID book issued to Mazibuko in 1986 by the South African government, she was born on May 11th 1894, making her the oldest person alive.

Of course all claims still need to be verified. Some of these could go down as the oldest lies in the book. I got gray hairs just thinking about it.